Publication Type: Other
Countries: Nigeria
Authors: SOAS-ACE
Publication date: July 2019
Keywords: SOAS-ACE

Read on for a full set of research summaries for SOAS-ACE projects in Nigeria.

  1. Power in Nigeria – Increasing generating capacity in the Nigerian Electricity Sector by reducing incentives for corruption
  2. Business houses and capitalist accumulation – learning from the evolution of Nigeria’s diversified private sector conglomerates
  3. The politics and effectiveness of Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)
  4. Corruption interdependencies in the Nigerian extractives sector – mitigating the spill-over effects of oil sector corruption in the Niger delta 
  5. Increasing agricultural productivity through fertiliser use – will changing subsidies tackle corruption in Nigeria’s fertiliser distribution?
  6. Combatting corruption in health providers in Nigeria – what could work to curb health sector corruption and improve health outcomes?
  7. Anti-corruption in the Nigerian media – a case study analysis