14 November 2019, Health and Corruption Webinar (organised and made available by the Health Systems Governance Collaborative)

Corruption costs lives (e.g. one study estimates that 140 000 children’s deaths a year are caused by corruption) and resources (e.g. another study estimates the global average loss rate for health care fraud and abuse to be 6.19% of total health expenditure), it also weakens health systems (e.g. favor the introduction of substandard medical products) and exacerbates inequalities (e.g. one study shows that informal payments are regressive and concentrated among the poorest). Corruption impacts on the achievement of the SDGs, in particular SDG3 (good health and well-being), SDG5 (gender equality), SDG10 (reduced inequalities) and SDG16 (peace, justice and strong institutions).

This webinar recording (60 mins) includes short presentations from Dina Balabanova, David Clarke, Eleanor Hutchinson, Obinna Onwujekwe and Martin Mckee, followed by discussions.