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Electricity in Nigeria

This cross-country project will trace the evolution of such local firms and analyse their impact on growth in their respective sectors. It will attempt to isolate proactive policy from their experiences to help reduce the need for collusion along with providing the correct incentives for local firms that want to invest.

Electricity in Tanzania

Research question In the past 20 years, the production and distribution of energy in Tanzania has faced enormous challenges including capacity shortages, lack of private ...

Curbing smuggling of rice and sugar in Tanzania

Despite several recent studies assessing inefficiencies and corruption issues in Dar es Salaam’s main port, the evidence on corruption dynamics remains scattered. These studies mainly looked at inefficiencies in the port, in particular the loss determined by long delays affecting ships that arrive in Tanzania’s central port.

Climate change in Bangladesh

As a developing country subject to potentially serious damage as a result of climate change, Bangladesh has received significant subsidies from development partners to invest in adaptation and mitigation. Pervasive corruption in the allocation and use of these funds however has resulted in the termination of many large investment flows

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