Research Grants

Following our two competitive calls launched in 2018 and in 2020, SOAS-ACE has awarded nine grants to support research on corruption in the private sector. The SOAS ACE Grants scheme aims to complement our core research on evidence-based research on feasible and high-impact anti-corruption strategies in the private sector.

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About the SOAS-ACE Research Grants:

The ability of the private sector to do business in corrupt environments appears to vary widely across sectors and countries, as do the apparent effects of private sector corruption. These can include obstacles to doing business, restricting market entry, survival of inefficient firms, overpricing, regulatory failures, poor quality or dangerous products, environmental damage, the misuse or misallocation of bank credit, cost inflation and so on.

A few policy instruments cannot address all these problems. General improvements in governance, the rule of law and ‘doing business’ conditions can help, but we know that progress on these dimensions is slow in developing country political settlements.

The grants mechanism aims to add to the research projects already being conducted on public and private sector corruption within the ACE research consortium, by funding additional research on innovative approaches to anti-corruption in the private sector. As our knowledge of the varieties of private sector corruption and the feasibility of anti-corruption measures is still limited, the grants mechanism encourages blue skies research in this challenging area.

Our research on private sector corruption is driven by the recognition that the private sector is diverse and corruption relationships vary significantly across countries, sectors and types of firms. Our research projects therefore have a strong country and sectoral focus, with a focus on specific corruption problems and anti-corruption strategies, and sometimes with a focus on particular types of firms.

The grant research projects commenced in Autumn 2018 and in Spring 2020 with a 12 to 18 months duration. Findings will be shared via the SOAS-ACE website, social media and newsletter.