Publication Type: Working Paper
Countries: Bangladesh
Authors: Nahitun Naher, Muhammad Shaikh Hassan, Roksana Hoque, Nadia Alamgir, Syed Masud Ahmed
Publication date: July 2018
Keywords: Health

In this first Working Paper from the SOAS-ACE health research project in Bangladesh, the authors review the literature on corruption and irregularities in the Bangladeshi health sector. They identify a rising trend in health corruption in low- and middle-income countries of South and South East Asia, including Bangladesh, and identify both formal and informal current approaches to tackling corruption.

The paper explores the types of corruption seen in the health sector, why the health sector is prone to corruption, the conditions which incentivise corruption and the impact of corruption. The authors conclude with recommendations for the short- and long-term.This Working Paper is the first piece in an emerging body of SOAS-ACE evidence on innovative anti-corruption strategies in health in Bangladesh, Nigeria and Tanzania. For more information about our health research stream, please see the SOAS-ACE health projects brochure.