Publication Type: Briefing Paper
Countries: Bangladesh Nigeria
Authors: Jonathan Papoulidis
Publication date: April 2022
Keywords: Climate change, Extractives, Political settlement

Although SOAS-ACE has aimed to promote better development via effective anti-corruption, it has also produced a range of insights that are critical for building resilience.

The fragility to resilience paradigm hinges on the creation of sustainable rules and institutions to promote resilience in fragile settings but donors have tended to use vertical enforcement approaches in such settings. SOAS-ACE offers an alternative approach that identifies the sectors and entry points to foster greater horizontal support across political, economic and societal groups for resilience reforms and institutions.

As multilateral institutions and donors increasingly shift to a “fragility to resilience” approach in fragile contexts, and as they commit to greater collective action through country platforms—SOAS-ACE’s approach to anti-corruption can help guide stakeholders involved in these platforms to jointly identify and support opportunities for anti-corruption reforms in ways that can promote the evolution from fragility to resilience.