Publication Type: Working Paper
Countries: Nigeria
Authors: Adeshola Komolafe, Jamie Hitchen, Oliver Kalu-Amah
Publication date: November 2019
Keywords: Media messaging

This study analyses media coverage of corruption and anti-corruption efforts in a 19-month period before, during and after Nigeria’s 2019 election. Over 3,500 relevant stories were captured from across six newspapers. These stories were assessed to determine the types of corruption discussed, the cases or issues which most often hit the headlines, and the format of reportage. Analysis of this data offers insights into how the media reports corruption around elections in Nigeria and what, if any, wider impact this has.

The 2019 data shows a doubling of corruption coverage in Nigeria since 2015 – most certainly linked to the Buhari administration’s renewed commitment to addressing the issue. However, the data also points to a continued challenge around the content of coverage, which does little to analyse issues or place allegations and initiatives in the wider development context.