Development Studies Association Conference 2020

Join us at the upcoming #DSA2020 on ‘New Leadership for Global Challenges’! On 17-18 June, the ACE Consortium will be involved in two panels at this online event. Register here.

P40: Industrial policy for economic development in the 21st century – beyond EOI vs ISI
Antonio Andreoni, Deograsias Mushi and Ole Therkildsen will present their paper The Political Economy of ‘Specialism’ in Export Promotion Zones: the case of Tanzania within the East African CommunityRead the panel abstract

P41: Aligning interests and incentives: Strategies for grassroots success 
Why do so many social movements, start forcefully but buckle as the weeks wear on? A viable protest cannot just be obstructive. It needs to bring together, those who want to see the change with those who have the capacity to effect change. Read the panel abstract

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