ACE is working in three countries: Bangladesh, Nigeria and Tanzania. Find out more about where and how we are engaging.


Bangladesh has achieved sustained growth acceleration since the 1980s and significantly reduced poverty, thanks to multi-party competition and private investor confidence. An important growth sector has been manufacturing, where millions of jobs have been created in industries like garments and textiles.


With oil prices volatile and plummeting, the need to move the economy away from oil and gas is viewed as pressing by domestic stakeholders. The impending Presidential elections of 2019 and frequent absences of the country’s president due to supposed ill health have already destabilised the country. But although politics is seen fierce and chaotic, it appears to be solidifying the institutional mechanisms of changing rule through elections and coalitions.


Tanzania is a fast-growing economy, with growth rates above average for Sub-Saharan Africa since 2005; a stable though evolving political settlement; and robust macroeconomic performances.