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Why are off the shelf approaches to anti-corruption failing?

In spite of monumental investments made in global health over the past decades, Universal Health Coverage remains a distant goal - in part due to pervasive corruption in health systems. Join ACE, LSHTM and Transparency International to discuss.

Combatting corruption the smart way

Jibrin Ibrahim of CDD Lagos reflects on applying ACE's unique approach to combatting corruption in Nigeria in an opinion piece in Nigeria's Premium Times.

Electricity for all? Off grid but on track

Pallavi Roy delves into Nigeria's power privatisation programme - and whether it has been derailed by corruption. Are off-grid options the solution for SMEs left stranded by dysfunction in the power sector?

Introducing… Idayat Hassan, Director of CDD West Africa

This week, we meet Idayat Hassan, Director of CDD West Africa, based in Abuja. As part of the ACE Research Consortium Idayat is reviewing the effectiveness of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in Nigeria, and scenario planning for its future combatting corruption. We find out what brought her to this work.

Media, elections and corruption

The media sector in Nigeria is a vibrant platform for political opinion and debate. But how does media reporting reflect, interact with and impact on corruption and anti-corruption in Nigeria, particularly around elections?

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